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1. Robert Crouch - The Propaganda of History

Robert Crouch - The Propaganda of History

"This is how it should be done. Lodge yourself on a stratum, experiment with the opportunities it offers find an advantageous place on it, find potential movements of deterritorialization, possible lines of flight, experience them, produce flow conjunctions here and there, try out continua of intensities segment by segment, have a small plot of new land at all times." – Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus The three works comprising 'Organs' were selected and edited from a year of recordings developed in collaboration with choreographer and artist Julie Tolentino in 2014. Three separate projects were documented through audio recordings of performances and rehearsals, as well as related field recordings. Each piece recalls a matrix of encounters between a specific body (or bodies) within a unique context, conducting and responding to sounds, both electronic and organic. The interplay of the soft tissue, sinew, bone and blood of the body-organ, pushing against/within/outside the sustained tones and synthetic expressions of the techno-organ. Each organ exists simultaneously alienated from, and an extension of, the other.

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Composed in response to a score by Blake Carrington. This piece was presented as part of the exhibition, "A Strong Hand That Nonetheless Gets You Nowhere" at This Red Door in Brooklyn, NY, January 15, 2013.

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