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1. Thanks To You Lyrics

Thanks To You Lyrics

Thank you for teaching me how to love Showing me what the world means What I've been dreamin' of And now I know, there is nothing that I could not do For teaching me how to feel Showing me my emotion

11. Longer Lyrics

Longer Lyrics

Longer than ther've been fishes in the ocean Higher than any bird ever flew Longer than there've been stars up in the heavens I've been in love with you Stronger than any mountain cathedral Tr

12. Kahit Isang Saglit Lyrics

Kahit Isang Saglit Lyrics

Pa'no ang puso kong ito Ngayong lumisan ka sa buhay ko Kung kailan sumikat ang araw at Lumigaya ang aking mundo Pa'no nang mga bukas ko Ngayong wala ka na sa piling ko Paano ang mga pangar

16. Destiny Lyrics

Destiny Lyrics

What if I never knew What if I never found you I'd never had this feeling In my heart How did this come to be I don't know how you found me But from the moment I saw you Deep inside my heart I knew Ba

17. Maybe This Time Lyrics

Maybe This Time Lyrics

What do you do if he's waiting for you You're not ready, you're not ready To Take a chance again You seem scared to find a lover again Made a mistake once before Can't afford to make anymore But if I

18. The Way You Look Tonight Lyrics

The Way You Look Tonight Lyrics

Some day, when I'm awfully low, When the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you... And the way you look tonight. Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm And your cheeks so soft, Th

19. I Gotta Have You (Remastered) (From "The Many Moods of Ann Richards") Lyrics

I Gotta Have You (Remastered) (From

Gray, quiet and tired and mean Picking at a worried seam I try to make you mad at me over the phone. Red eyes and fire and signs I'm taken by a nursery rhyme I want to make a ray of sunshine and never

20. Waterfalls (feat. Nico Santos) Lyrics

Waterfalls (feat. Nico Santos) Lyrics

You had it all, and you'll make it back there after all I'll pick you up when you are down and about to fall Life might seem low, but this won't be lasting for too long Gotta be strong, and have trust