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1. PREMIERE: Mark Tarmonea & Yannek Maunz - Tesseract (Beyond Physical Remix) [BullInAChinaShop]

PREMIERE: Mark Tarmonea & Yannek Maunz - Tesseract (Beyond Physical Remix) [BullInAChinaShop]

Like the track? Click the [Repost] ↻ button so more people can hear it! Follow us: @Melodik-Minds Follow Label: @bullinachinashoprecords Follow Artists: @marktarmonea @yannekmaunz @beyondphysical The german artist & live act Mark Tarmonea, known for his analog and soulful music, starts 2019 with a melodic techno EP named "Tesseract" including Remixes from Sascha Kloeber and Beyond Physical. "Tesseract" is a collaboration with Yannek Maunz, a promising young artist and sound designer, whose music is on it¥s way to become the next big thing in Berlin. Mark and Yannek met at Jungle Beat festival 2018 and quickly realized that they share the same faible for sophisticated electronic music. They spontaneously decided to work on a few tracks together. Tesseract is one out of 3 tracks that were recorded late summer 2018 in Kreuzberg. What makes this track so special besides true analog synths and a proper composition? It¥s that secret ingredient, a feeling what many refer to as the Berlin vibe.

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8. Man Vs Food

  • Published: 2015-01-15T21:11:11Z
  • By So Large
Man Vs Food

ft stamina,doller, mercston

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