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1. Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession

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Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession

AUTO ITALIA LIVE: DOUBLE DIP CONCESSION Paul Becker, Nathan Budzinski, Benedict Drew, Robert Carter, Andrew Kerton, Leslie Kulesh, Huw Lemmey, o F F Love, Francesco Pedraglio, Lorenzo Tebano, Jess Weisner Auto Italia South East presents Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession, an artist-run Live TV show performed before a studio audience and broadcast over the internet. Working in collaboration with Auto Italia, artists are developing new work for this one-off episode which engages directly with the format of live television. This new episode is commissioned by the ICA as part of Remote Control and will be broadcast live from the ICA Theatre. This episode will use the techniques, characters and editing of live television to explore our interaction with the flow of images that invade our lives. Exploring the individual relationship that the audience has with broadcast, we consider the possibility for a personal and autobiographical tone to be delivered within a context which alienates those present on the screen from accurate self-representation. The manufactured space created by the set will be the backdrop for actions, statements and performances which are commonplace in live TV production but are rarely broadcast to the viewers. This project is engaging directly in contemporary broadcast culture as a space for new work and how physical communities use the Internet to distribute ideas. It aims to be a proposal for how artists can produce live broadcast work in collaboration and act as a unique place for artists to create their collective context and distribute their work. Produced in collaboration with: Nikki Bevan, Giorgio Bosisio, Anna Brecon, Roderick Burrows, Nat Cary, Cristen Clague-Reading, Luke Collins, Theo Cook, Cameron Foote, Mette Juhl, Fran Hitchcock, Julia Innocenti, McDeath, Tim McFarland, Kate Molins, Celia Moodie, George Moustakas Elly Nakajima, Radiance Audio, Sonia Rodriguez Serrano, Rebecca Root, Bernard Thompson With special thanks to: Lauren Barnes, Marleen Boschen, Paul Crompton, Aoife Flynn, Henry Petrides, Laurence Price, Matt Welch Commissioned and produced by Auto Italia South East.

2. Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession Promo

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Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession Promo

Auto Italia South East presents Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession, an artist-run Live TV show performed before a studio audience and broadcast over the internet. Working in collaboration with Auto Italia, artists are developing new work in collaboration for this one-off episode which engages directly with the format of live television. Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession is commissioned by the ICA as part of Remote Control - 3 April 2012 - 10 June 2012. Supported by Arts Council England. Promo produced by Benedict Drew. With thanks to Nathan Budzinski, Marianne Forrest and Jess Weisner.

3. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 2 - Cosmosis

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 2 - Cosmosis

Andrew Kerton Eddie Peake Francesco Pedraglio Heather Phillipson Featuring Sam Belinfante, Naomi Belshaw, Georgiana Cavendish, Sarah Mujinya, Lizzie Sells, Rosanna Ter-Berg, Roberta Vaz, Helena Webb, Matthew Newbigin, Jess Wiesner, Thais Wizenberg, Molly Wright The series can be watched as part of the live studio audience or via the website

4. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 1 Promo

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 1 Promo

Promo for Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 1 Talking Objects in Space Saturday 24th September Live at 8pm With: Nathan Budzinski Benedict Drew Patricia Lennox-Boyd Jamie Stevens Find out more at The music used in this video was composed and performed by Maureen K.

5. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 4

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6. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 1 - Talking Objects in Space

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 1 - Talking Objects in Space

Nathan Budzinski Benedict Drew Benedictions (Patricia Lennox-Boyd and Jamie Stevens featuring Jeremy Glogan, Steve Kado and Morag Keil) Narrated by: Saul Reichlin With an introduction performed by: Robert Carter, Tim Ivison, Andrew Kerton, Leslie Kulesh, Huw Lemmey, Michael Oswell, Julia Tcharfas, Lorenzo Tebano, Jess Wiesner and Charlie Woolley The series can be watched as part of the live studio audience or via the website

7. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 1

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8. Episode 5 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

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Episode 5 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

Saturday 13 November 2010 Presented by Rachel Pimm Following on from Episode Two's Art Shopping Channel, Rachel Pimm returns this week to present the final episode of 'From LuckyPDF TV this is Auto Italia LIVE'. Rachel produces work commenting on lifestyles and aspirations in both the public and domestic realms, using existing networks for collaboration. Her presenting for this project combines recognisable styles including variety, catwalk and chat shows, amongst others. One of the founding members of Auto Italia, Rachel Pimm graduated from BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, and has exhibited at FormContent, JTG, Paradise Row and SPACE. She has since worked on projects including Household's Poundshop, and the Dissent season at the ICA. Rachel is currently programming a centenary season at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton, and later this year commences work in the design team for the Ideal Home Show. Open Music Archive Through re-enactment and lip-synching, Open Music Archive present a series of musical vignettes structured around public domain recordings; from 1920s blues and jazz to 1960s soul via 1930s dance band crooners. Al Bowlly's 1936 newsreel appearance is scrambled ('You've Got What Gets Me' reversed and flipped as 'Me Gets What Got You've'), Leroy Carr's 1920s blues performance 'Six Cold Feet in the Ground' is transformed by a future 1970s TV performance by Lou Rawls, and Vaughn De Leath's 1927 crooning of 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' is melodically de-saturated and retroactively mutated by a 1960s monotone female Elvis. Eileen Simpson and Ben White work at the intersection of art, music and information networks, and seek to challenge conventional mechanisms for the authorship, ownership and distribution of culture. Their ongoing project Open Music Archive is an initiative to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings, and is a vehicle for collaborative projects exploring the material's potential for reuse. They have previously exhibited at Mexico's Ambulante Documentary film festival (2010); 17th Biennale of Sydney (2010); Gasworks, London (2010); ICA, London (2008) and Cornerhouse, Manchester (2007). The Enlightenment Gallery, in conversation with Alan Kane and Giorgio Sadotti with special guest appearances from Lœcia Prancha and Sara Nunes Fernandes, aka Negociatas. The Enlightenment Gallery is a newly established cooperative consortium with the aim of commissioning and supporting artists in the development of significant new projects and exhibitions. The focus of the organisation will be artists whose practice imbues its context and relationship to an audience as part of the material of the work. The organisation will operate from a physical space but the location, timescale and form of each project commissioned will be open to question and driven by the artists and their practice. Alan Kane was born in Nottingham, and lives and works in London. He has had numerous solo exhibitions, including; Life Class: Today's Nude, for Artangel and Channel 4 Television; The Stratford Hoard at Stratford Station as part of TfL's Art on the Underground series (2008); Steam Powered Internet Machine in collaboration with Jeremy Deller at Turner Contemporary, Margate (2006) and Folk Archive in collaboration with Jeremy Deller at New Art Gallery, Walsall. His group exhibitions include Rude Britannia, Tate Britain, London (2010); On Portraits, On Publications, On Performance, On Public Art, The Modern Institute, Glasgow (2010); The Future Demands Your Participation, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai (2010); Insiders, CAPC Musee D'Art Contemporain, Bordeaux (2009); Amateurs, CCA Wattis, San Francisco (2008). For more information on Giorgio Sadotti, please see The Guide, The Guardian, July 10, 2010. p. 38 Lucia Prancha and Sara Nunes Fernandes (both b.1985, PT) met in Lisbon in the early 2000s and have been collaborating since early 2010. Sara currently lives in London and Lœcia in S‹o Paulo, where they met in July this year and began working collaboratively for three months, calling it a residency. The project resulted in a solo show, "Uma exposicao de Lœcia Prancha and Sara Nunes Fernandes" [An exhibition by Lœcia Prancha and Sara Nunes Fernandes], at Sopro gallery, Lisbon which runs until the 27th November, and a publication. The book "Desaparecemos de repente juntas" [The two of us girls disappeared all of a sudden together], published by The River People Publications, will be launched mid-November in Lisbon and will feature at CNEAI book fair at Galeria Vermelho, Sao Paulo, later in the month. They are in the process of finalising a new video, made in collaboration with Bruno Moreira, which will be screened at the Terreiros film programme for the 29th Sao Paulo Biennale. Kelly Large, The End of the Whole Mess Kelly produces brief, uneasy texts referring to a series of fragmented events, which operate as interruptions to the main broadcast. Kelly Large is plagued with anxiety about her lack of visibility in the art world. Consequently much of her work examines the currency that 'being public' affords an artist. Recent projects and exhibitions include: 744 x 744 x 744, a solo show at Limoncello, London, that presented work resulting from research into the least popular books containing the word 'artist' from the British Library collection (2010); Our Name is Legion for Beacon Art Project, a video work that attempted to produce a spectacle of mass participation within a small, rural Lincolnshire town (2009); Me, Myself and I, an exploration of the function of the artist-in-residence, The New Art Gallery, Walsall and Announced & Alarmed, two announcement works for 'This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things', Eastside Projects, Birmingham (both 2008). Sarah Blaszczok, Trailer Park With research in film and drama, narrative structure and episodic forms of watching TV, Sarah is interested in familiar ways of viewing recorded images by both suggesting and deconstructing narrative strands. Filming and editing the footage herself she is currently exploring an aspect of 'lo-fi' content within the Hollywood film aesthetic of the movie trailer, and its three act structure: 1. Lay out premise of film 2. Drive story Ð end with climax 3. Strong piece of orchestral music teamed with a visual montage of emotional and powerful moments. (Wikipedia, 'Film Trailers') Adhering to the typical form, style and editing of feature film trailers, a collection of shorts, titled Trailer Park, have been made for this week's episode. By applying different editing techniques to the same stock footage, the 'trailers' suggest a range of film genres. Through filmic knowledge and experience the audience is able to imagine a longer narrative or complete film that is suggested through the 'trailer'. These shorts take on another role within the episode in which they are now viewed, reconsidering the role of adverts on TV as a possibility for mini- drama, occurring within or between the 'action' of a programme or programmes. Sarah Blaszczok works in London and is a graduate of MA Fine Art at Wimbledon. Arran Ridley and Daniel Swan, live video portraiture with a soundtrack from Reality Klub Having both produced title graphics for previous episodes, Daniel and Arran now team up for a live video drawing portraiture performance. Members of the studio audience will be selected to sit for a collaborative portrait executed with a pair of Sony 'Family Studio' XV T33Fs. Dan Swan and Arran Ridley are both London-based artists with backgrounds in Graphics and Animation Reality Klub is art/music duo Billy A.B. and Rahul Bery. Marcus Galen Mitchell, Domestic Majestic Domestic Majestic commemorates the foreclosure of 129 West 119th street, a three-storey brownstone located in the Mount Morris Park district of Harlem, New York that formerly belonged to Mitchell's surrogate aunt. The ten minute video simulates a "walk-through tour" of the house that conflates architectural features of the interior advertised in commercial property listings, with the banal archaeology of nostalgia and displacement. Marcus Galen Mitchell is an independent curator, artist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Lewis Bassett and Richard Houguez, an interview with David Graeber As part of an ongoing enquiry into the Barbershop or Salon as a site of radical politics and a productive space for experimenting with affinity as a politicised friendship, Lewis Bassett and Richard Houguez invited David Graeber, author and lecturer in Anthropology at Goldsmiths, to explore his ideas of anarchism as a viable political philosophy; communism as a precondition of human relationships (or economics); precarity and ideas of what is common, all during a free hair cut. Titles by Lucy Stokton Lucy Stokton primarily works with video and is interested in using poetics and cinematography to inform her practice, with the act of collecting old and forgotten films informing the aesthetic and stylistic core of her work. Lucy experiments with the dichotomy between analogue and digital qualities, both conceptually and critically, and is interested in exploring how television has lost the power and sanctity that it once held as the centre for the family unit. Backdrop by Yuri Pattison

9. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 5 Promo

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 5 Promo

Promo by Paul Simon Richards

10. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 2

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11. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 4 Promo

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 4 Promo

Promo by Leslie Kulesh

12. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 3 - C2C P2P

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 3 - C2C P2P

Rob Carter Leslie Kulesh Rachel Pimm Lorenzo Tebano Featuring Blanch & Shock, Cédric Fargues, Aoife Flynn, Fleetwood Mac, Marina Gasolina, Haworth, The Haircut Before the Party, House of Drama, Stella McCartney, Peggy Noland, Open Barbers, Rikslyd and Julia Tcharfas.

13. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 5

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 5

14. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 3 Promo

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Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 3 Promo

Promo for Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 3 C2C P2P Saturday 8th October With: Rob Carter Leslie Kulesh Rachel Pimm Lorenzo Tebano Find out more at

15. Episode 1 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia LIVE

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Episode 1 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia LIVE

I definitive version of Episode 1, fully corrected and uncut. Saturday 16 October 2010 Presented by Jimmy Merris and Dan Szor Jimmy Merris and Dan Szor co-habit what is called Studio Downturn, London's premier Spray Shop / Careerz Centa / Printing Press / Film Studio and Photography Suite. In this tough economic climate it's diversify or die, so television presenting is just the latest addition to a growing portfolio of services across areas, platforms, arenas, fields and subjects. To find out more and become a patron, visit Economic Downturn Cody Critcheloe from SSION interviewed by Richard John Jones "What's the biggest misconception about you?" is the first question Barbara Walter's asks Courtney Love in her infamous interview conducted in 1995. Jones will pay homage to this momentous tele-visual representation of grunge superstardom for this interview with Cody Critcheloe about his artistic work, his band SSION and his roller coaster of a personal life. The most provocative and devastating interview he will ever do. Cody Critcheloe is the face of SSION: pronounced 'shun' like expression, obsession or concussion. This queer punk performance art band from Kansas City has been making waves internationally, creating his own mythology and developing a cultish fan base of local kids. Critcheloe has affirmed himself as heart-throb of the midwest and one of the most interesting pop performers of our time. Part of a larger scene based in Kansas City including the community development TV show Whoop Dee Doo, on which he is a weekly guest, Cody has emerged from the small Midwest city and achieved international status for his music, installations and for being the ring-leader of a burgeoning, cross-disciplinary scene characterised by its confluence of self-aware parody, pop-culture and creative collaboration. Ben Vickers, Today on the Internet Artist and Curator Ben Vickers gives a guide to the best things that are happening on the internet right now. Navigating between shared links from his peer group and chance encounters experienced through everyday surfing, Vickers will convey a fixed vision of his personal internet derive. Curated as an individual experience, the guide will flow through online activism and virtual friendships. Ben invites the viewers to connect with shared points of reference and introduces the uninitiated to references of the netart community, pursuing themes and memes from surface net to deep net. Ben's work has been described as reality hacking, and exists in a world of slippages between online and off, where the personal is a password protected construction and personality is viral marketing. He will be showing in the exhibition Serial Chillers In Paradise at JstChillin, New York. His current project is NEW AGE DEFAULT @ NewGallery London. BECOMING THE BLIND SPOT - a film and live performed interview from Frances Scott followed Come back around, again, to the narrator. "Like the blind man, he saw everything, except what is lacking, what cannot be seen. He could not see the blind spot but you, you knew it, for you were in it; you may even have been it, but you had nothing to say about it."* He cannot see the blind spot, but it does exist as an obscured visual field outside of perception, an insensitive region only lacking to him. It designates an area where reception is patchy or inexistent. The blind spot is the body without its image, in which it moves out of itself and loses its centre, precisely because the blind spot changes with every axis of movement. If imaged, the body becomes as series of freeze-frames or film stills, it is a taxidermy where missing information is filled in but not known.** Frances Scott's recent work considers the trance state, induced through systems of hypnosis, and its affects - the 'disorient' embedded in materials, objects, and their fragile relations. She works with the script or screenplay, as a relay of information, to explore the shifting register and implication of the voice. * Sharon Kivland, 'A Viennese Waltz and a Murder: An Eye-Witness Account', Beech, A., Joseph-Lester, J., & Poole, M. (eds). EPISODE: Pleasure and Persuasion in Lens-based Media, Artwords Press, London, 2008. p.18. ** Excerpt from INSIDE THE TRANCE OBJECT: ACCESS, AFFECT, AND ESCAPE, Frances Scott, MA research paper, 2010. Edward Cotterill, Television Set With this inaugural broadcast of LuckyPDF, Auto Italia LIVE, Edward Cotterill will create a set that takes moves towards the deconstruction and subsequent re-appropriation of the medium of Television. "Is this lack of artistic intervention in the world of Television due to the fact that Television is so expensive to produce? Are artists unable to fund such productions? Or is it just because Television is deemed too throwaway, unromantic? A medium that is worthy to critique yet not worthy to utilise." In Film, the set is used to support and carry the narrative, with television it is there to delight the eye. There is no narrative to follow and instead it assumes its own reality in a sometimes arbitrary manner. Rejecting the idea of a set as a creation of fictional space which the viewer is cajoled into believing is real, Edward Cotterill turns the set around, facing fictional to the wall and highlighting the true reality of what holds this assumed reality together; A-frames and braces, sandbags and tape. By showing the process of television we are better able to understand its constructs, the more we understand its constructs the more we are able to utilise Television as a medium of artistic merit. Lulu Li, yum yum yum... An almost invisible intervention in the programme, Lulu Li questions the position of the artist in relation to the camera, and then in relation to the viewer, never allowing an audience to watch without being watched themselves. Performed cultural roles form the basis for a series of second guesses and double bluffs that never allow a work to be fully defined. "When one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a formless form. It is like ice dissolving in water. When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style." - Bruce Lee Lulu Li is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works between Beijing and London, her practice is multi-faceted and includes sculpture, installation, video, game, intervention and motion-graphics. She is the winner of the GAM Gilbert de Botton Art Prize. Chris King, titles, transitions and interstitials Chris King blends the episode together, each segment melts to the next. Feedbacks loop through mixers, synthesisers and and colourises in waves of distortion and degradation. Ageing and obsolete equipment is not used for nostalgia's sake but to allow control, mods and tweaks. The glitches that result expose the fabric of the signal and the malleable materiality of television.

16. Auto Italia LIVE: Episode 3

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17. Episode 4 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

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Episode 4 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

Saturday 6 November 2010 Set design and Presentation by Leslie Kulesh This week Leslie Kulesh will embody the American female talk show host. At once feminine, current, relatable and warm, universally looked to for everything from make-up tips to politics - and at times as powerful as any politician. Leslie's set will depart from a classic 2-D background to focus on the volume of space the actors occupy. A carefully curated selection of props become activated throughout the show providing anonymity for the BTFA readings, keeping Chas in supply of both paint and drink, and of course setting the mood for this week's presenter. Leslie Kulesh is an American artist whose sculpture and installation employs craft materials in large-scale productions. Her work attempts to liberate the notions of material whilst questioning spatial ownership and experience. Leslie currently lives and works in London. Selected exhibitions include 'How About Now' Sabina Lee, LA (2010); 'Lonelycat15' Spanien19c, Aarhus, Denmark, 'CSSC' 179Canal, NYC, (2009); 'Neu Art' Live With Animals, NYC (2008) Whoop Dee Doo, an interview with Megan Mantia Whoop Dee Doo, hosted by your awesome friends, Jaimie and Matt, is a kid-friendly faux public access television show featuring pre-planned performances accompanied by live audience participation (kind of like a radical talent show!!). One of the show's facilitators, Megan Mantia will be in conversation with Leslie Kulesh featuring highlights from previous episodes. The show is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but has travelled and worked with many amazing arts organisations all over the country!! Some of the awesome places they have worked with include the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, Deitch Projects in New York, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, the Smart Museum at the University of Chicago and more! BTFA Anonymous interviewers meet with BTFA, an anonymous collected body of bodies who produce and distribute queer cruising notes and images in the form of a zine. Interviewed for the first time about the project, BTFA's two editors will be known throughout the exchange only by their "designations", DCCT (in the studio) and EBCE (on a satellite link up from a secret location). Discussions of the political possibilities and limitations offered by the position of anonymity, to author and editor, will be harshly considered. And together they will try to seek out their impersonal alignments without identifying with each other. The discussion will be broken up by readings from the zine by anonymous persons. Sarah Rara, On Moire Interference can be defined as the imposition of two waves forming a new wave or a message disrupted as it travels from the source to the receiver. Moire patterns are generated by interference between two visual fields; they result from an attempt to occupy the same space - collapsing separate points of view if only for a wavering instant. Composed for four hands, Moire uses two simple pattern layers to isolate the point at which two messages can alternately merge or disrupt each other. Moire embodies the sincere attempt to map a social space not reliant on constant convergence or agreement, but rather the acknowledgement of interference, difference, friction, and disruption as a potential model for producing a social space that is characterised by the inclusion of multiple perspectives into a shared view. Moire was created as a test shot for a scene from a larger video work currently in progress that examines interference, filtering, and parallax in terms of social engagement, subjectivity, and power sharing. Sarah Rara is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. Working primarily in video and performance, Rara is also part of the musical collective Lucky Dragons and a founding member of Sumi Ink Club, a public group that meets regularly to generate collaborative drawings. Charlie Woolley, Painting With Chas CHOICE: Saturday 23rd October 6pm In the grand tradition of Bob Ross, Rolf Harris and Tony Hart, artist Charlie Woolley will take on the role of 'Chas', a "Television Artist" who joins us live in the studio this week. 'Chas' will lead us through the perils and pitfalls of contemporary painting - unoriginality, earnestness, and abstract expressionism. He'll also offer us tips and tricks on how to succeed in the art world; with touches of decorative irony, and daubs of critical theory all along the way! Essential viewing for all ages, from seasoned professionals to Sunday dabblers. Charlie Woolley is a London based artist working in a variety of mediums, from large scale photo-montage to flags and furnishings. His work focuses on the mediation and manipulation of political and cultural concepts and images. He has recently finished a seven week performance of his Radio Show, a far reaching collaborative project transforming gallery spaces into radio stations. Charlie has lectured at London Metropolitan University, Kingston University and The Royal College of Art. Exhibitions include: Mysterious Cults, SPACE Studios (2010), Spasticus Artisticus, Ceri Hand Gallery Liverpool (2010) FLYERSHEEPFLAGSELF, Seventeen Gallery (2009) I Built My House On Sand, David Risley Gallery, London (2008). Charlotte Turton, Sublime Time 'Sublime Time' is a video work that postulates the future powers of television today. The televisual revolution is over; we understand the complexities and motives of mediated communication all too well. We know when we are being sold an idea or product, pandered to or persuaded, corralled into action or acquiesce, entertained or comatosed. So what can it tell us about the future, where do we go from here? Charlotte Turton is a London based artist, engaged in producing sound and moving image work using digital technologies and text. Uniting ideology and poetics, her practice is focused on the politics of language as a device for postulating futuristic possibilities. Dis Magazine, Hooper Place The all-new documentary soap opera from DIS MAGAZINE, strictly for adults. DIS is a dissection of fashion, art and commerce which seeks to dissolve conventions, distort realities, disturb ideologies and disrupt the dismal dissemination of fashion discourse. All is open to discussion. There is no final word. Cibelle, Sonja Khalecallon: Products for a better life At the "Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel" everyone is welcome. Amongst the visitors that pass by are the bricklayer looking for a morning shot, clubbers in the midst of their previous night out, the fat burlesque dancer, an intellectual prostitute and tourists wearing sandals looking for an exotic drink. The narrator is Sonja Khalecallon; host, maid, masseuse, gift shop attendant, bartender, dancer, spiritual advisor and crooner at the cabaret inside the Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel. Cibelle is a multi-media performance artist, singer-songwriter and music producer. She has recently been working more with visual arts and performance, taking part in the Abravanista movement with Rick Castro, also a part of Assume Vivid Astro Focus and collaborating as a part of collective and artzine Titles and Visuals by Gili Tal with Michael Lomon and Johnny Scarr Titles this week come from Gili Tal with Michael Lomon on animation and Johnny Scarr on sound. The titles are Gili's collages gone overboard and mixed with a bit of QVC graphic styling. Mike has delved in to his love of dissolve effects without holding back, as Nadia Comaneci, Kathy Acker, nicely-dressed office folk and lots of palm trees fall away to allow big, bright and shiny Sesame Street-style letters to do their thing. Gili Tal was born in 1983 in Tel Aviv and lives and works in London. She works mainly with images such as those found in magazines and junk mail. She is interested in the bathos inherent in mass produced images, particularly in regards to extremes of emotion, and the tensions and conversations that can be produced across them when they are imposed beside each other. Gili has participated in group shows at 10/2/10, Berlin (2010), Auto Italia South East, London (2008) and The Jerwood Space, London (2008). She will have a solo show at (And/Or), London in 2011. Michael Lomon is an illustrator and animator currently residing in London. He has illustrated for clients such as The British Dental Journal, LeftLion and Murky Depths magazine. He enjoys working with ink and watercolour, but will on occasion get his hands dirty with some digital shenanigans. He also draws comics and has produced a range of independent animated shorts including 'Cuckoo' for director Hewson Maxwell, and others which have great titles like 'rind & pulp.' Johnny Scarr predominantly works with sound in an improvised context. He is perhaps best known as a member of Spoils & Relics, and occasionally Fossils.

18. Auto Italia LIVE: Coming Soon

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19. Episode 3 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

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Episode 3 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

Saturday 30 October 2010 Presented by Richard John Jones This week Richard John Jones will attempt to raise the tone of this 'cable access' style internet TV show and play with the roles and formulas of cultural television programming. Richard John Jones works mainly in collaboration through video, text and performance. His work explores group identity, politics and representation. Departing from a post-modern sociological discourse Richard's work brings together diverse subject matter and cultural references to document the 'social' against larger ideological or cultural contexts. Watching TV with Olivia Plender Olivia Plender will revisit two of her previous video works that emerged from her research into Monitor, the first cultural programme on the BBC. Recreating a specific episode of this show from the 1960s Olivia plays with the shifted context of this re-make, alluding to the changing role of the artist against a background of social and economic change and alienation. Her other work, a recorded 'in conversation' with the Director Ken Russell, explores the voice of authority in relation to the romantic notion of the artist as tortured visionary. Olivia Plender is an artist living and working in Berlin. Her work has been shown internationally in exhibitions and venues including the 2006 and 2009 Tate Triennials. Eddie Peake and Alex Hemsley with Amy McDonough, Authoritative Things of a Domestic Nature The contribution of Hemsley, McDonough and Peake to the LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia LIVE series seeks to convey a nuance of domestic and familial life in a memory-based narrative performance traversing three separate spaces within the Auto Italia building. Eddie Peake currently lives and works in London. His work encompasses many different media and often, though not always, investigates the space between verbal and non-verbal language, and the discrepancy that occurs when one is translated into the other. Solo exhibitions include 'History', Lorcan O'Neill project space, Rome (2010); 'Ladies', Parade, London (2008); 'The Caspar Erasmus School of Art', The Hex, London (2007). Alexandrina Hemsley can currently be found having conversations and dances with visitors to the Hayward Gallery in a piece devised by Xavier Le Roy and Marten Spangberg. As a performer and choreographer, she is interested in integrating her jumbled up heritage into current circumstances, questioning how a performer presents themselves, watching the audience play and crafting all that bewildering space in-between. Amy McDonough currently lives and works in London. She works primarily in video and performance and explores the interweaving of memory, verbal communication and narrative in ways that are familiar but also strange for the viewer. Selected exhibitions include: 'London Calling', Ideas Generation Gallery, London, Tokyo Hipster's Club, Tokyo, Japan, Christopher Henry Gallery, New York (2010); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, The Corner House, Manchester (2008) Club Row, London, The New Art Gallery, Walsall (2007). Patrick Coyle, Saturday 30th October 2010 For tonight's episode Patrick Coyle will devise a brand new performance - a presentation of the things he finds en route from his house to the studio on the day of the broadcast, accompanied by documentary images, audio and text. Patrick is an artist and writer based in London. His work investigates the presentation of language and its inevitable failures within day-to-day experience. Words seen from out the corner of the eye, misheard, misspoken or half remembered, allow meanings to find their own definition and continue to change as repetitions and associations build. Often working from memory, or from forgetting, Patrick presents live works that are clearly produced in the moment of their delivery. Patrick recently completed MFA Art Writing at Goldsmiths, London, and is a founding member of antepress, an imprint and project platform that is currently exhibiting at JT Project 10, London. He is also currently exhibiting at Banner Repeater, London, and in Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the A Foundation, Liverpool, travelling to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London in November. Josh Whitaker, Frank (Part 1) Specially written for LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia LIVE, 'Frank (Part 1)' is a lecture as performance and acts as the first public presentation of the 'Frank' project, which encompasses installation, books, sculpture and performance. The presentation and tone of the piece subtly references the, now discontinued, Open University programmes shown early in the morning as part of the BBC's 'Learning Zone'. The form of esoteric and didactic information being delivered by an individual with simple visual aids is used to weave a short, meandering narrative that sets the scene for future parts of the 'Frank' project. Utopian thinking, clay cars, Zapatista balaclavas, Mary Shelley, chroma key technology, early typewriters and William Morris are brought into the lecture which gestures towards provisional space, the possibilities of what could be viewed as failed or historicised ideologies, systems, design, architecture and the idea of 'much truth said in jest'. Josh Whitaker currently lives and works in London. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include JT Project 10 at James Taylor Gallery London, EX at Leeds College of Art, No Soul For Sale with Black Dogs at Tate Modern and The Middle of Nowhere at Departure Gallery London. Carlos Monleon-Gendall, Revolting Food: A Metonymic Cooking Show The show will be a demonstration of metonymic cooking. Metonymic cooking is about making connections between substances. These connections are edible. Potato and revolution. Cake and architecture. Appetite for this kind of sustenance will result in the ruin of the demonstrator. Carlos' appetite is never full. He loads himself up to cater his will. He eats and he screws, His appetite to lose, But it's cups he never can fill. Set design by Ollie Hogan Our set this week moves in house, being designed by LuckyPDFÕs Ollie Hogan. Looking at the traditional role of the art direction in live TV and music videos, Ollie creates a set based on the needs of the invited artists, adding flourishes of lighting, camera pans, choreographed extras and ever moving backdrops. Ollie Hogan is a founding member of LuckyPDF. Titles and Visuals by Arran Ridley Visuals this week come from Arran Ridley. In the tradition of the Halloween special, Arran has given a ghoulish twist to his candy-coloured graphics that could otherwise be a title sequence on Saturday morning TV. Toying with illustration, clipart and the defaults of graphic software, he paints 3D scenes with naive ideals and meanings that form from the tools at hand. Arran Ridley is an English artist whose work is playful and honest. He is a contributor to LAN Magazine, Internet Archaeology, and Nous Publications. Arran graduated from the University for the Creative Arts with a degree in Animation.

20. Episode 2 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

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Episode 2 of LuckyPDF TV: Auto Italia Live

Saturday 23 October 2010 Presented by Jeremy Bailey Our presenter this week joins us by live video link from Toronto. Jeremy Bailey is an artist with a homespun take on augmented reality. "Jeremy Bailey is a video and performance artist whose work is often confidently self-deprecating in offering hilarious parodies of new media vocabularies" Marisa Olson, Rhizome Taking his cue from YouTube monologues, screencast instructionals and conversations where you'll always see yourself in the little box in the corner, Jeremy Bailey returns what was taken from television in the 'broadcast yourself' revolution. Mediated by technology, distance and humour, one layer of image on the screen is no more or less real than any other. Clubbing Society TV Special: Life As It Could Be To coincide with the evening's full moon the Clubbing Society will both host and feature in a special interactive program that calls upon both the studio audience and viewers at home to partake in a series of ongoing climactic activities that lead to a bloody finale. Utilising this unique collaboration between Auto Italia and LuckyPDF to its full technological potential, LIVE link ups with other 'clubbers' across London will expand our collective consciousness in an age of global feeling all in the light of the moon. In this feeding trough of a collaboration, creativity will be distributed through a public and artistic network, empowering individuals in order to realise the wisdom of the group. By placing a very important emphasis on the unknown, the Clubbing Society refuse to shy away from the delicate nature of LIVE television by exposing it's potential for risk taking in the true spirit of it's motto "to dare is to feel." Rachel Pimm, The Art Shopping Channel Launching ASC, the Art Shopping Channel: A new way to view and buy contemporary artwork for your home. This Saturday join us for an EXCLUSIVE Launch programme where our very own Samantha talks to Artist Rachel Pimm about the inspiration behind her 'FANTASTISK' new great value designer range of home tiling, available to buy and install in your home! As with all our shows, Rachel's work, can be ordered LIVE- but hurry, these are LIMITED EDITIONS and they wonÕt last long. ASC presents FANTASTISK tiles by Rachel Pimm, order on 07748505172 Too sincere to be parody, ASC sites work by Rachel Pimm both in the tropes of shopping TV production and as a method of distribution into a second site both as images and in physical form - your homes. Rachel produces work commenting on lifestyles and aspirations in both the public and domestic realms, using existing networks for collaboration. ASC is proudly presented by Samantha Leverette, joining us from QVC and The Ideal World Shopping Channel. The Voice of ASC is David Shuker. Danielle Dean Through media language and video editing this work looks at and questions notions of difference and specific barriers that may be present in discussing this subject. Working with another artist Sean Flaherty to interrogate the collaborative nature of this subject Danielle subverts her responses to questions around the subject of identity and difference. Danielle Dean is based in LA and works with reference to a variety of media - science fiction, advertising and pornography to explore contemporary ideas of race and social difference. Jessica Wiesner, Andrew Kerton, Katie Horwich and Sophie Rook CHOICE: Saturday 23rd October 6pm Pick of the week: Events Unfold One to Watch: Pilot Pilot: Episode 1 Step into a juicy grove of scandal and sample a twenty minute segment of TV studio based drama. With Katie Horwich, Andrew Kerton, Jess Wiesner and special guests. "painfully thin untrained dancer" Christy Lange (Assistant Editor, Frieze, Berlin). Andrew Kerton, attended de Ateliers in Amsterdam in 2004/5. He is a founding member of Keren Cytter's touring dance company D.I.E Now (Dance International Europe Now). He works in video and live performance and he is currently based in Berlin. "When is deft writing not enough? When is fine acting little comfort?" Helen Shaw (New York Time Out). Jess Wiesner attended de Atliers Amsterdam in 2004 and works in mainly live performance, theatre and installation. She is based in London. After working in McDonald's, Boots and Golders Green Crematorium, Katie upgraded to being a film extra, mostly in the role of "1950s escort". She lives and works in London. Nicholas Quenzer - Sets, Spectacles and Receptacles Nicholas Quenzer's set is constructed of sculptural forms and the images they create, their nets and projections. Throughout his work, lines are constructed of wood, tape, digital vectors, each producing forms with equal weight and physicality. Demarcating perimeters, the floor is divided into sections, using flat polygons with the potential to translate from floor markings to vertical partitions. Templates determine the environment, viewed from above as if architectural proposition. Fictional restraints are translated through virtual actualisations. Parameters are non-physical yet adhered too through schematic imprisonment. The set is viewed as open and exposed, a sum of parts, components and elements. Individual sections combine towards a potential whole, bringing harmony to an otherwise disparate array of televisual products and paraphernalia. Titles and visuals by Daniel Swan Daniel swan is a video artist and illustrator based in Brixton. His work draws on technology, sci-fi imagery, architecture and video experiments expanding on new, but firmly established forms and styles, YouTube mashes and colour keyed video collages. Daniel moves between VHS distortion and high definition video, emulating real world processes using a limited digital palette. His work often use tools for jobs they're not designed to do and working in one media as if it were another, creating 2D images with video software and found object sculpture to present a narrative. He has produced videos for Wiley and Crystal Castles and is currently working on a sequel to his VHS science fiction short Lux Laze, release in as limited edition tape and publication.