New Music Service From MySpace

MySpace is launching a new service, MySpace Music, partnering with Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. With MySpace Music, you will be able to listen to music at your computer, as well as being able to purchase downloadable music for you MP3 players, etc.

MySpace is basically returning to its roots, the music business, to help regenerate membership and interest to their site. This new service will be integrated between MySpace Music, the current artist profile pages and the home user profile pages. Users will be able to create and trade music and playlists, along with being able to tune into untapped artists. This move will also help the recording companies, as they will be able to pull in on concert ticket sales, and music merchandise.

MySpace’s direct competitor would obviously be iTunes, which is the 2nd largest music seller. Currently, the price of the download’s has not been made available yet, but it has been said that they will be “competible.” The digital downloads will be DRM-free, and users will also be able to download ringtones, SMS, and wallpapers. MySpace Music will making this a full circle utility not only the for MySpace user, but the artists as well.