How to Burn Custom CDs with Rhapsody Music Service

Create Custom CDs from Rhapsody Tracks and Tracks from Your Library

Rhapsody gives you the option to burn music that you have purchased to a CD. All you need is a blank CD-R (CD-Recordable) or CD-RW (CD-Rewritable) disk and a compatible recording drive on your computer and you are on your way to creating custom audio CD’s that can be played on standard CD players. Most of the music in Rhapsody’s Music Guide can be purchased and burned, allowing you a vast array of mixing possibilities for your CD collection. An average CD-R holds 80 minutes of music which is anywhere from 17 to 25 songs depending on the length of the tracks.

Follow these instructions to learn how to burn a CD in Rhapsody:

  1. Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW into your computer’s CD rewritable drive.

– Note: Not all CD players can play CD-RWs. I recommend using CD-R disks for maximum compatibility and for the most flexibility when listening to your CD on other devices, such as car stereos and portable CD players.

  1. Add tracks to the Burn a CD icon (rhapsody burn cd icon ) rhapsody burn cds source imagein the Sources area by one of the three following methods:

o Drag and drop tracks and albums from My Library to rhapsody burn cd iconBurn a CD.

o Drag and drop an entire playlist from the Playlists area to rhapsody burn cd iconBurn a CD.

o Drag and drop tracks and albums from the Music Guide to rhapsody burn cd iconBurn a CD.

– Note: At this time, tracks that don’t have Buy next to them are not yet available for purchase and CD burning. So, be sure the tracks you want to burn have Buy next to them. Also remember, that Rhapsody is securing the rights to new music every day, so check back often.

  1. Click the rhapsody burn cd icon Burn a CD to display the Burn queue in the Display area. The minutes available on your blank CD and the minutes free (after adding the tracks using step #2) are displayed at the bottom of the Burn queue.
  2. You now have the option to rearrange the order of all or some of the tracks in the Burn queue, by dragging them into position within your list. You can delete tracks by selecting them and pressing the [Delete] button on your keyboard.

– Note: If an error icon (rhapsody error icon ) appears then you have selected a track that is not available to purchase and burn. There are 3 places where the error icon will appear, to the left of the track, to the right of rhapsody burn cd iconBurn a CD in the Sources area, and at the bottom of the Burn queue. You have the option to click the error icon at the bottom of the Burn queue to learn more. The error dialog will give you the opportunity to remove the tracks that are causing the errors.

  1. If you need to change your CD burning preferences, at the top of the Music Guide, Select Tools > Preferences: CD Burning from the Rhapsody menu. (Rhapsody recommends that you allow the system to choose your burn speed.)
  2. Once you have finished steps 1 – 5 you are ready to burn a CD. Now click Start Burn at the top-right of the Burn queue. You will then be prompted to purchase any streamed or downloaded tracks that you have placed in your Burn queue.

– Note: If there happens to be any tracks that you do not wish to purchase you have the option to cancel your current burn from the Payment Wizard. Delete the tracks from the Burn queue, and restart your burn by clicking Start Burn.

  1. You may receive a message that says, “The tracks will not all fit onto one disc. Do you want to burn only the tracks that fit?”

o Click Yes to continue the burn and leave off the tracks at the end of the list that will not fit on the CD.

o Click No to cancel the burn. You must now delete and rearrange the tracks in your Burn queue to fit on the CD.

– Remember that the minutes used on your CD are listed at the bottom of your Burn queue.

  1. If you choose to delete and rearrange tracks, click Start Burn again to restart the burn process.
  2. Once the burn process has started, you can watch the progress of your burn in the status bar at the bottom of the Burn queue. A notification will appear when your burn is complete.